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Levitra 20 mg in London. Buy Levitra online in London is the choice of men who know that Levitra is the safest means to improve potency. Every man always wants to please his lady not only with roses and chocolate, but also with a night of passion without rest. Levitra is a new drug in the group of drugs that fight against erectile dysfunction. The drug became popular quickly, and now the men are in line to buy Levitra in London.

Advantages of Levitra

  • Efficiency of 90% regardless of the reasons for erectile dysfunction
  • Action starts in 10-15 minutes
  • Side effects rarely appear
  • The effect lasts 5-6 hours
  • It can be taken with alcohol

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How do Levitra tablets work?

Vardenafil in Levitra has a mechanism very similar to other PDE5 inhibitors Because it favors the dilation of the blood vessels around the penis. When these vessels widen, it is easier for blood to flow into the penis during times of sexual arousal, allowing for stronger erections. Once taken it is still functional for about 5 hours.

What is Vardenafil?

Vardenafil is the active ingredient of Levitra. It works by blocking an enzyme that can sometimes cause the muscle walls to tighten and contract in the blood vessels at the entrance of the penis. It relaxes the muscle walls and allows the dilation of the vessels, the medicine allows more blood to go to the penis during periods of sexual arousal, obtaining a more consistent and stronger erectile function.

Levitra is currently the only licensed product in the United Kingdom that contains vardenafil.

What forms of Levitra are available?

Levitra is available in our online pharmacy in two ways.

  • Men can buy Levitra pills in three doses that are 5 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg.
  • The orodispersible version of Levitra is currently only available in the dosage of 10 mg.

The dosage you choose is largely determined by what treatment you have tried before, and whether it has been successful. Most people who use vardenafil the first time and are healthy are recommended to buy 10 mg . If this dose has not been shown to be effective enough, a physician may approve a dosage increase of up to 20 mg. On the contrary, those who experience mild side effects with 10 mg could be encouraged to switch to 5 mg.

What is the difference between Levitra and Cialis?

Levitra and Cialis are two different types of medicines for erectile dysfunction . Both function by relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis. This, along with sexual stimulation, helps to produce a strong erection. The different types of erectile dysfunction will produce different effects for different people.

The main difference between Levitra and Cialis is that Cialis lasts much longer (up to 36 hours). Many men prefer to use Cialis because of this, and because it involves less planning.

However, the disadvantage is that the side effects of Cialis will also last much longer. The man who finds the side effects of his erectile dysfunction medication unpleasant will not enjoy taking Cialis.

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When should I take Levitra and how long may its effect last?

Levitra takes about 30 minutes to an hour to start working. You should take Levitra for at least 30 minutes before intercourse. The effects of Levitra should last about 4 hours; This is similar to Viagra. You will not have an erection during all this time; you will be more sensitive to sexual stimulation during this four hour period. If your erection lasts more than four hours, seek medical attention immediately.

Should I take more Levitra london if the result is not as desired?

Do not take more Levitra. Levitra should not be taken more than once daily. Do not take an alternative treatment such as Viagra or Cialis in the next 24 hours. The best solution is to consult your doctor if you believe the treatment is not working as it should: he or she may increase the dose or suggest an alternative treatment.

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You can not take Levitra:

  1. Women or men under the age of 18
  2. If you are allergic to vardenafil (you will experience rash, swelling of the face and eyelids, itching, trouble breathing)
  3. If you suffer from hypotension (low blood pressure <90/50 mmHg)
  4. If you have recently had a heart attack or stroke
  5. If you are taking anti-hypertension (high blood pressure> 170 / 110mmHg)
  6. If you have severe heart, liver or kidney problems
  7. If you are undergoing dialysis treatment
  8. If you have a family history of hereditary eye degeneration (eg retinitis pigmentosa)
  9. If you have ever lost vision due to optic nerve damage caused by insufficient blood flow (non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NOIA-NA)
  10. If you are taking other treatments for erectile dysfunction
  11. If you are taking nitrates (eg, glycerol trinitrate for relief of angina)
  12. If you are taking nitric oxide donors (for example, “poppers”)


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